5th Europe-Russia Forum (2009)
Bucharest May 25-27, 2009


Under the High Patronage of the President of Romania
Traian Basescu


Political events of the last year showed again a necessity of a dialogue as a basic form of developing international relations. The World financial and economic crisis has shown that interdependence of economies has reached such a level that only common effort based on cooperation and mutual trust can help tackle it. Russia is one of the key partners of both the EU and its member states taken separately. At the same time, relations with the European Community remain a core dimension of Russia’s international politics.
To what extent the EU countries and Russia are ready to foster cooperation? Will the focus of Europe-Russia dialogue move from bilateral relations to common EU level? What are the prospects for the new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement? How will the world economic crisis influence economic cooperation? What is the role of Russia in the EU energy security?




About 80 guests from Russia and 80 from the EU: government officials, political leaders, business representatives, leading analysts, academics and journalists.


25 May
Presentation: „Russia 2008. Report on Transformation” 

26 May
Plenary session: EU-Russia: Towards a Partnership
Panel discussions:
• EU and Russia: Common challenges in Global Politics
• Foreign Direct Investments: Current Situation and Perspectives
• Russian and EU’s Financial Markets. Possible Directions of Development
• European Security Architecture and Russia's new role in enhancing a cooperative approach
• USA – EU – Russia: Common Interests in the Post-Soviet Space
• Media Debate: Democracy and Media

27 May
Panel discussions:
• Black Sea Region in European Politics
• EU Energy Security: Is Russia a Reliable Partner or a Risk Factor?
• Energy Security as a Common goal for the EU and Russia
• Approaches to Democracy: Universal and National Traditions
• EU-Russia: Christian Values as a Common Dimension of Social-Cultural Space
• EU – Caucasus – Russia : is the Partnership for Peace Possible?

Palace of Parliament of Romania
Calea 13 Septembrie nr 1-3

Hotel Caro (****)
164A Barbu Vacarescu Blvd

V Forum Europa - Rosja (2009)/ 5th Europe - Russia Forum/ V Форум Европа-Россия

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