4th INDUSTRY FORUM, Karpacz, 12th-13th December 2019

This year, for the fourth time in history, the Industry Forum will attract several hundred Polish and foreign guests, including industry representatives, parliamentarians, experts, economists, scientists and journalists to the mountainous city of Karpacz.

During the Forum dozens of events will take place including debates, plenary sessions, conversations, presentations and thematic blocks. The Forum will also be a perfect opportunity to debate on key problems faced by the European industry, such as: reindustrialization, digital economy, electric revolution in the automotive industry, climate policy, energy security, modern and traditional industries, as well as everything related to the broadly understood “leisure industry” so tourism, culture and entertainment.


  • Plenary sessions
  • Thematic blocks, panel discussions, workshops, presentations
  • Awards Gala
  • Banquet

The Forum’s programme will be divided into the following thematic paths:

  • Investments
  • Society
  • Economy
  • Innovations
  • Infrastructure


  • Renewable energy sources: where to invest?
  • Electric transport – European industry in a global race
  • Direction: Smart. How to manage a city to make it intelligent?
  • Open Innovation 2.0 – Can the EU compete in innovation with Asia?
  • Countrymen, come back! That is the challenges related to the return of economic migration to the homeland
  • Secure industry – how to protect yourself from cyber attacks?
  • Infrastructure projects in the Three Seas region
  • Eco solutions in heavy industry? Is it worth moving away from fossil fuels?
  • The high-speed railway is a chance for the economic development of Central Europe
  • Euro versus national currencies: who wins by competitiveness?
  • Can state giants be start-up incubators?
  • Brand building at local, regional and international level


Date: December 12-13, 2019

Venue: Conference Center Gołębiewski Hotel ****, ul. Karkonoska 14, 58-540 Karpacz

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