4th Forum of Regions (2010)
Muszyna, Krynica-Zdrój 8-10 September 2010

Honorary Patronage

Elżbieta Bieńkowska

Minister of Regional Development

The Forum of Regions of the Economic Forum is a platform for exchanging views and opinions as well as a meeting place for local leaders and regional elites from Central and Eastern Europe. The 4th Forum of Regions is an integral part of the 20th Economic Forum held in Krynica Zdrój.

3rd Forum of Regions

This year, Poland will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the “Solidarity” movement and the twentieth anniversary of the restoration of the Local Government. Hence, the 4th Forum of Regions will create an opportunity to sum up the achievements of social and economic transformation, including the benefits which related to local government. The reforms implemented in 1990 and 1998 allow to evaluate the benefits related to the establishment of the Local Government. However, this assessment is still an open question. Especially, if we refer it to the challenges arising from globalization of economic processes and the problems which emerge with globalization i.e.: development of the metropolis while neglecting local development.
The 4th Forum of Regions will be a good opportunity to review regional policies, initiatives and programs, which proved to be highly effective in mobilizing social capital and, thereby, to achieve the goals like cohesion, sustainable development, innovation that define the main policies of the European Union. 

•    Globalisation and locality – questions of regional policy
•    Regional means of strengthening social capital
•    Balancing Development between "pole of growth" (metropolitan centers) and local communities
•    Social and economic development based on natural and cultural heritage
•    Regional policy and economy of knowledge

Participants of the Forum of Regions: 200 representatives of the regional authorities from Central and Eastern Europe, who will take part in the Economic Forum in Krynica


8th September 2010. Krynica – Zdrój
•    Plenary Session
•    Discussion Panels
•    Awards of the Economic Forum
•    Gala Concert

9th September 2010., Muszyna
•    Plenary Session
•    Discussion Panels
•    Banquet

10th September 2010. Krynica – Zdrój
•    Plenary Session
•    Discussion Panels
•    Cultural events

The main partner of the Forum of the Regions is the Małopolska Voivodship



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