3rd Investment Forum of the Economic Forum (2010)
Tarnow September 7-8th, 2010

- The year 2010 is a year of great privatizations In Poland, and the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s debut in autumn will be the crowning achievement – said the Minister of Treasury, Aleksander Grad. He participates in the 3rd Investment Forum in Tarnów.

- This year is surely a year of great privatizations, however I hope that it will be judged as a year of great, but also well-thought and wise privatizations – pointed out the Minister.
He reminded that in this year one of the most significant public offers of companies, such as PZU and Tauron, took place in Europe. This autumn we expect the privatization of next energetic companies: Energa and Enea to finish as well as the Warsaw Stock Exchange to debut. “A lot of minor companies, which are sold in public auctions and biddings add up to that” – added Grad.
Minister claims that according to the plans presented three years ago by his resort, about 800 subjects are assigned to be privatized. The procedures towards 300 of them have been already finalized. He pointed out that previous actions showed that the resort is resistant to budget pressure and “it does not privatize by any means”, by resigning from the offers that do not meet the requirements. – Obviously on the end there is a budget, because by privatization we have to optimize public finances, but money also goes for the Demographic Reserve’s Fund or to subside the science – added Grad. In his opinion the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s debut will be a kind of a finalization of the 20 years of privatization in Poland. Grad expects that it will strengthen Warsaw stock and make it the main financial and capital center in Middle-East Europe. “I assume that November will be a feast for new financial and capital markets, because after 20 years of Warsaw Stock Exchange will be a public company and will affect the economy in our part of Europe even stronger” – said Grad.

Participating in the discussion Yuriy Yakovlev, the vice-president of the State Property Fund of the Ukraine, admitted that this year will be lost from the point of view of the privatization operations in his country. In his opinion it was connected with withholding the process by the previous government and with the global financial crisis.
He stated that from assigned in budget 10 mld of Ukrainian hryvnia (about 1 mld euro) of incomes from privatization, only 500 mln were realized so far in this year. He added that privatization in Ukraine is supposed to be carried out in the open and fair way, with easier access for foreign investors.
According to the Yakovlev’s announcements, in the next year the privatization of energetic branch, which still lies under the control of the Ukrainian government, will start. The government will also resume privatization of the Ukrainian monopolist on the telecommunication market Ukrtelekom and wants to sell possessed shares in several private banks, that were subsidized by the government because of the financial crisis. – The Ukrainian government and the State Property Fund are fully determined to fulfill these tasks – declared the representative of the Ukrainian fund.


Honorary Patronage
Minister of the Treasury  Aleksander Grad


Investment Forum of the Economic Forum will gather selected investors from Poland and Central-Eastern Europe as well as representatives of governments and parliaments, who are responsible for the course of privatization processes in Central Europe. 
On the one hand, the conference will be an endeavour to recapitulate the results of the economic transformation in Central-Eastern Europe and it should be an opportunity to introduce propositions of privatization policy for the time of the crisis.




Draft Programme:
September 7:  

  • Plenary session
  • Discussion panels
  • Presentations of privatization offers from Central and Eastern European countries
  • Investment Forum Awards Culture Programme

    September 8: 

    • Discussion panels
    • Presentations of privatization offers from Central and Eastern European countries
    • Closing remarks

      Discussion at the Investment Forum will focus mainly on the following subjects:

      • Year of the Big Privatizations
      •  Investment as a way to overcome the crisis
      • Energy- Security- Efficiency-  Diplomacy
      • Will a new financial centre emerge in CEE?

      About 150 guests from Central and Eastern European countries will participate in the Forum which will be held on September 7-8th 2010. The guests will then also take part in the Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój.

      The main partner of the Investment Forum is the Małopolska Voivodship