Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO of Youth Employment UK, will visit the European Congress of Local Governments

The 3rd European Congress of Local Governments to take place in ICE Congress Centre in Cracow, Poland between 27-28 March 2017 will be visited by Laura-Jane Rawlings, a distinguished activist in the area of youth employment.

Her experience covers over 15 years of work in the context of supporting internships and permanent posts of those aged between 16 and 24 in private and public sector. She worked for Education Business Partnership in Britain. Ms Rawlings founded Youth Employment UK, which task is to lobby for young people at the governmental, employers unions and public administration levels. It also promotes its youth ambassadors. One of them will join Ms Rawlings at the panel “Equal Opportunities – Local Action for Youth Employment”.

This international debate will be very important in the overall big picture of the Congress. This is because the problem of youth unemployment is most visible at the local level and it is there that real intervention is needed foremost. There are regions in the EU, where the unemployment rate among those aged 24 and under exceeds 50%. Those pieces add to the global picture. As Ms Rawlings writes for Huffington Post:

„Youth unemployment is a global crisis. According to the ILO (International Labour Organization), there are 73 million young people worldwide looking for work and young people are three times more likely to be out of work than adults. […] Youth unemployment and in particular long-term unemployment has extensive implications: not only do high levels of youth unemployment affect the productivity of a country and reduce the skills of the workforce, the cost emotional and socially for those young people who experience youth unemployment is hugely significant.”. Source: