Georg Milbradt among the guests of the European Congress of Local Governments

Prof. Dr. Milbradt is a German politician, a member of CDU since 1973 and expert on public finances and fiscal federalism. His political career includes being head of the finance department of the city of Münster and Minister of Finance of Saxony (1990 – 2001).

He has been a member of the German Bundesrat as well as the Parliament of Saxony. Georg Milbradt served also as Minister President of Saxony from 2002 to 2008. He made himself a name of a “Crisis Manager” during the “Century Flood” in Saxony 2002.

Currently, professor Georg Milbradt  is Chairman of the Board of the Forum of Federations and teaches at Technical University in Dresden.

Georg Milbradt has confirmed his participation as a speaker in the plenary session: “Bridging Development Gaps Between Regions Through Solidarity and Fiscal Redistribution”.