2nd Europe-Ukraine Forum (2008)
Kiev, Ukraine 27-29th February, 2008


organized in cooperation with

the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko



Europe`s stability and prosperity depend on the implementation of the core ideas and objectives of the European Union. Such a great project does need to remain open to all the countries willing to join. Only a united and strong Europe will be able to maintain sound relations with its neighbors and partners.

The most crucial issues as the Ukrainian political and economic development or the willingness of Ukrainian political elites to implement long-term reforms, will determine the geopolitical position of the country toward the EU Member States and Russia. The same factors will define the degree of  benefits the EU will gain from including Ukraine in its structures.
Ukraine is the largest European country which, not being a EU Member State, so strongly declares its willingness to join the European Union. What needs to be done by both Ukraine and the EU in order to make this wish come true? Can the economic potential of Ukraine attract EU entrepreneurs and can it later become a part of a common European market? Can the EU, facing the challenges of globalization, afford missing the opportunity to play a role in the Ukrainian economy? 
The new political scene in Ukraine, as result of the 2007 parliamentary elections, will offer a good chance for an open and constructive discussion.

The Energy Forum is a part of the agenda of the Economic Forum in Krynica. Exploring the topics of debates held during the Forum in Krynica, the Eastern Institute organizes special conferences devoted to selected subjects, with participation of politicians and experts who enjoy established reputation. 

Download the Forum's Presentation in pdf

The Forum is attended by representatives of EU institutions, invitees from the political, economic and academic field and journalists  – in total more than 180 persons.

President Victor Yushchenko attended the Economic Forum “Europe-Ukraine” in Kiev

Opening Plenary Session: 
   • Prospects of the EU-Ukraine Integration

Second Plenary Session: 
   • Challenges of the EU-Ukraine Cooperation

Discussion panels:
   • EU Reform Treaty and the Perspectives of New Agreement with Ukraine
   • Ukrainian Economy in the European Framework
   • Free movement of People: Boarders in the Center of Europe
   • Ukrainian Investments in the EU
   • Ukrainian-Russian Relationship in the European Context
   • Politics of Memory and European Identity
   • Do the EU and Ukraine Have Common Interests?
   • EURO 2012. The chance for European integration of Ukraine
   • Perspectives for Investments in Ukraine
   • Ukraine’s Foreign Policy. Old and New Approaches 
   • Ukraine in the European System of Energy Security
   • Ukraine’s Integration into Trans-Atlantic Structures: Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation
   • Report: “Ukraine: A Net Assessment of 16 Years of Independence"


Ukraine 2007. Report on Transformation

Special report Ukraine 2007. Report on Transformation published by the Eastern Institute will be presented the first day of the Forum. The analysis, prepared by Oleksandr Sushko, director of the Center for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Policy of Ukraine (CPCFPU), covers economic and political situation in Ukraine.

Download Report (pdf):
     Political System of Ukraine – Ukraine After Elections
     Economy, State of Finances
     Foreign Policy of Ukraine
     Regions and Regional Development of Ukraine
     Science, Culture and Education

Special publication summerizing the last year Europe-Ukraine Forum which was held 23-24th February 2007 in Wroclaw - PDF file to download here

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