2nd Europe-Russia Forum (2006)
Vilnius March 23-24, 2006


"When we talk about values and principles, Russian and European elites use different language to describe common events. The best proofs of this tendency are the comments on Belarusian elections. Meetings such as the Economic Forum are definitely an impulse for altering the attitudes of both sides. I am deeply convinced that the guests from the European Union, when leaving Vilnius, will be under tremendous impression of what they have heard and will be more prone to be consistent in judging what is happening behind the Eastern border of the European Union" - said Zygmunt Berdychowski, Chairman of the Economic Forum Programme Council. 



Guests of the Forum
200 invitees from Russia and the European Union representing political parties, NGOs, and research centres and business. Among guests were: Valdas Adamkus, President of Lithuania, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Volker Rühe, Former Minister of Defence of Germany, Urban Ahlin, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, Swedish Parliament.




- Russia – the European Union: cooperation or competition? 
- Energy factor in Russia’s foreign policy
- How Russia should be present in the global economy?
- Russian and European media – interactions
- Post-soviet areas in Russia’s foreign policy
- Globalization: Russia's economic integration with the world. EU-Russia common economic space 
- From culture of censorship to culture of the free market dictate
- Civil society institutions: how to create a trust towards the state
- Process of political power succession in Russia 
- Russian interactions towards common neighbourhood: challenges and opportunities
- Pathologies of the economy: oligarchy, corruption, monopolies
- European values and Russian society
- Integration process of the immigrants in the EU and Russia: success or failure?
- Internal factors shaping the Russian security policy

Report on Transformation
The recent publication of the Eastern Institute "Russia 2005. Report on Transformation" was presented during the Forum. See the polish version of the Report.

II Forum Europa-Rosja (2006)/ 2nd Europe - Russia Forum/ II Форум Европа-Россия

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