22nd Economic Forum (2012)

Krynica -Zdrój September 4-6th 2012

President Komorowski: we need greater transparency of the fiscal system

Reforms are necessary to increase the transparency of the fiscal system in Poland; we must also maintain absorptive internal market in Poland – convinced President Bronisław Komorowski during the 22nd Economic Forum in Krynica on Tuesday.

“We must maintain absorptive internal market in Poland; it was our chance in the time of defence against the crisis already affecting Europe. As a large country, we have a large, absorptive internal market – it plays the role of a safety buffer and provides stability in the case of crisis abroad” – said Komorowski. He added that faith and optimism might not be sufficient for supporting consumption in households and in investments and corporate sector.

According to the president, one of important conditions for stimulating internal market is to increase employment. “One of the key pillars of the internal market are small and medium size enterprises, which provide employment for more than a half of all professionally active Poles” – he remarked.

In his opinion, Poland needs reforms increasing transparency of the fiscal system and freedom of business activity – by improving the legal system and business judiciary. “Let’s open Poland to new ways of maintaining economic growth” – appealed Komorowski. He added that Poland needed also “geographic diversification of its commercial and business involvement “.

According to the president, another necessary thing is a greater activity of regional or industrial chambers of commerce.