21st Economic Forum (2011)
Krynica Zdrój, Poland September 7-9 th 2011

European Dilemma: Partnership or Rivalry?



Creation of exclusive political formations inside of the EU, questioning of Schengen Agreement and further sense of EU enlargement were clear signs of surrender, which were not based on facts – said Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, in Krynica. The Polish prime minister opened the 21st Economic Forum in Krynica on Wednesday. During three days more than two thousand guests will discuss about the future of the EU, the financial crisis, energy and international security.

Another point on the Forum’s agenda, directly after the formal opening of the Forum, will be a discussion panel ‘European dilemmas: partnership or competition?’. It will be attended by: Prime Minister of Moldova, Vladimir Filat and President of Georgia, Micheil Saakaszwili, among others. Donald Tusk met with both politicians directly before opening of the forum.

Inaugurating the forum, Tusk congratulated both politicians on their courage, determination and imagination in politics. ‘A few years ago no one thought that the path of Georgia and Moldova towards Europe would be so fast thanks to determination of the political leadership’ – said Tusk.

Discussion is planned to focus primarily on realization of joint international infrastructural projects, which guarantee energy security for the region of Central and Eastern Europe.
The key topics in the discussion are changes in the common agricultural policy of the EU, fight against corruption and organized crime in the states aspiring for integration with the EU, consequences of the crisis of public finance in the countries from PIGS group (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) for the entire Eurozone, chances of Europe in the geopolitical arena. Among the neighbours of the EU, special attention will be directed to Ukraine.

Discussions will be related also to broadly understood international politics and international security, propositions to solve regional conflicts, especially in South Caucasus, the situation in the Community of Independent States.

Debates will also centre around major thematic blocks devoted to: energy, innovations, social issues, health care or reforms of the state.

Forum's Presentation in pdf

Forum's business presentation in pdf


Planned agenda:
    Day 1: 
•        Opening plenary session.
•        Report XXI Economic Forum: "Competition, Cooperation, European solidarity. CEE 2004-2011"
•        Panel debates 
•        Formal concert 
•        Award Ceremony of the Economic Forum 
Day 2: 
•    Plenary session attended by all the guests of the Economic Forum 
•    Panel debates from 10:00 to 16:00 
Day 3: 
•        Plenary session attended by all the guests of the Economic Forum 
•        Panel debates from 10:00 to 16:00. Recreational programme and the end of the Forum

Similarly to previous years, the awards of the Economic Forum will be handed out in the following categories:
•        The Man of the Year 2010 
•        The Company of the Year 2010 
•        New Culture of New Europe

Guests of the Forum:
More than 1700 persons from Europe, Central Asia, USA. 
The venue for the debates of the Economic Forum will be provided by the New Pump Room and the Old Spa House. The Pump Room will be specially adapted for the debates of problem solving seminars. The facilities of the Pump Room will be also prepared in a different way for the guests of the Economic Forum.

20th Economic Forum


The Project is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund


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