After the plenary session, Jose Manuel Barroso was given a statuette as he was announced the Man of Year 2009 of the Economic Forum. Mr Barroso remarked that the Prize for the Man of the Year is a great honour for him, all the more that he is the first person originating from outside the Central Eastern Europe to receive it. In his opinion, it is the symbol that we are becoming one Europe.

The Prize for the Company of the Year was won by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and was handed it to its president, Ludwik Sobolewski. 

For the third time the Prize 'New Culture of the New Europe' was awarded. This year’s laureate was Tatyana Tolstaya, grand daughter of Aleksey Tolstoy and prominent Russian writer, author of the novel 'The Slynx'.

The Polish Minister of Treasury, Aleksander Grad, was awarded a Special Prize for 'the ability of ending what the others have started and haven’t finished'.

The Special Prize of the Polish Minister of Economy went to the Chairman of the Economic Forum Programme Council, Zygmunt Berdychowski, for 'the contribution into the promotion of the Polish economy'.