To overcome the EU’s linguistic crisis, we need a Minority SafePack

Poland and Hungary have proven throughout history, that we may count on one another, especially in the most difficult of times. Together, with…

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Movement of People. Observations from Italy

As the Migration Policy Institute summarized, a "rocky road to a mobile world after Covid-19" awaits us.

The Technological Revolution of Pandemic Time

We are witnessing a dramatic change in the socio-political structures within all continents.

European security and defence sector will face a strong challenge in the post-Covid period

In the fragile and volatile context of the Covid-19 crisis, the European security and defence sector might be challenged strongly.

Why is Bosnia and Herzegovina still a divided society and unstable state?

Considering solutions to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s current situation, a quarter century after the Dayton Peace Accords.

Croatian Tourism at the Time of the Pandemic. A Step Into the Future

Croatia has just got one of the most demanding and difficult tourist seasons over.

How Covid-19 Affected Tourism in Prague

Compared to other European metropolises, there are a number of specifics in the field of tourism in Prague. That is one of the reasons why the crisis…

ECoLG Online – Workshops ‘Purchasing Groups. In Search of Efficiency’

Public procurement is a local government's everyday life. The workshops will introduce the idea of creating purchasing groups, focusing on the…

European Congress of Local Governments – online edition

The event is an introduction to the discussions, which will take place in the traditional form in Karpacz in May 2021.

Technological present, technological future, COVID-19

Przyjęcie nowych technologii i dostosowanie stosunków społecznych, przy jednoczesnym braku utraty siebie, jest największym wyzwaniem naszego…

Railway Transport Develops in Lower Silesia

In September and October, contracts for new rolling stock delivery were singed for the total amount of over 255 million PLN (net).