1st Europe-Ukraine Forum (2007)
Wrocław, Poland 23-24th February, 2007


On the political map of Europe Ukraine stands as a challenging question mark. It appears as the world came to know this post-soviet country only during the days of the Orange Revolution. Ukraine’s strong will to implement democracy has gained the admiration and support of people all over the world. However, 2 years after this crucial event not much has changed.

Some opportunities seem to have been lost. Today’s Europe reluctantly mentions any prospect of EU membership and it only offers to strengthen bilateral ties in the framework of the ENP. But Ukraine is undoubtedly an important player on the European continent and no reasonable, long-term plans for the future can be made without it. 

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Plenary Session "Ukraine and the European Integration"

The Europe-Ukraine Forum 2007 aims to be a platform for bringing out new inspirations and ideas on the relations between Ukraine and the European countries, particularly the EU member states.


Plenary Session
• Ukraine and the European Integration

Panel discussions
• Ukraine in 2006. 2 Years after the Orange Revolution.
• Ukraine's Path Towards Democracy: Current and Future Perspectives.
• EU Instruments and Policies towards Ukraine.
• European Union and Ukraine: Between Solidarity and Concurrent Domestic Interests
• NATO and Ukraine: What Future Scenario?
• Is Ukraine Part of Europe? History, Presence and Future
• Ukrainian Economic Reforms– Current Situation and  Strategic Goals.
• Ukrainian Economy and the EU: Partner or Burden?
• European Energy Security and Ukraine: challenges and opportunities.



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