Participants about Forum


Jerzy Buzek
Chairman of the European Parliament

This forum has always been important, and now it has become even more significiant, because we want to recover from the crisis as soon as possible. And here entrepreneurs, local self-government activists and politicians debate exactly, how to lead economy out of crisis. And a few years ago we discussed, how to reach economic growth at the level of 5-6 percent, and, we have already succeeded in it. That is why, I am convinced that thanks to this forum it will be possible even faster.
Danuta Hübner
European Regional Policy Commissioner 

Poland needs to think of increasing its attractiveness for investors. The European Commission realizes that Europe needs significant investments, and every euro should be invested prudently.
Daniel Fried
US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs 

We want to build a joint security network not directed against Russia. But it also does not mean that Russia will be defended by the USA, and Poland by Russia.
Zyta Gilowska
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance
Despite current political instability and on-going for five years election campaign, Poland has carried out the convergence programme laboriously and consistently and in 2009 it is expected to comply with all conditions necessary to adopt the euro.
Jorge Sampaio
UN Secretary-General's High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, former President of Portugal 

Ordinary people are tired with discussions on EU institutions and voting rules, they want the EU to deal with affairs, which are important for them, such as employment or innovations.
Marek Belka
Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe 

It is not true that Europe is forgetful. It is also untrue that Lisbon strategy died. It is now alive more than ever, because Europe is led by the Portuguese.
Christopher Zimermann
Expert of World Customs Organization 

Virtually everything is counterfeited in the world, but first of all in China and Vietnam and it means that we are simply robbed.
Michael Gapes
Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons
We must care for the continuity of the EU and avoid divisions, which are harmful to it. Many problems of the European Union can be solved only because of cooperation with the United States. Our success is possible exclusively thanks to cooperation.
Kateryna Juschenko
Head of Charitable Foundation Ukraine 3000

More and more business people in Ukraine understand that big successes are not everything. That is why they try to help others – first their own employees, and later the needy.
Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz
Executive Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 

Mobility of the Polish work force is growing. It is a very positive phenomenon and I am an excellent example of it. During the last five years, I changed my workplace seven times, although I did not always want to. 


Valdas Adamkus
President of the Republic of Lithuania
I am convinced that the upcoming Forum will contribute to the further successful development of cooperation between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A good political and economic situation in all the CEE countries is an important matter for all of us. The Forum in Krynica – Zdroj increases our determination to cooperate. It also gives us an excellent opportunity to contribute to the realization of the idea of a free and united Europe.

Aleksander Kwasniewski
Former President of the Republic of Poland

The more places like Krynica, the less places where conflicts are on. (…)




(…) One may already say that the Krynica's Forum has become a rooted, recognized institution, which plays its role in Central and Eastern Europe, and I think even in a broader sense – in Europe. (…) I am convinced that such meetings can be likened to a seed planted in the ground, which bears fruit with time. I believe that this fruit will constitute better communication and understanding, increasingly broader possibilities for cooperation, many new mutual initiatives and specific actions at different levels and platforms. They will be building a good future not only for our own nations, but also for the whole European continent.

Victor Yushchenko
President of Ukraine 

The participation in the Forum of known politicians, members of parliaments, representatives of companies, financiers, bankers, business circles from Central and Eastern Europe, who truly influence the shaping of the state's economic policy in their countries and who in their everyday, practical activities, resolve complex issues of establishing economic cooperation in our common region, all this reassures us, that the task of this Forum, given to the organizers, will be achieved.
Milkuláš Dzurinda
Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovakia

I am delighted that the organizers of the Economic Forum in Krynica – Zdroj have managed to build a tradition of meetings between the representatives of governmental and economic circles of the CEE countries, during which debates related to its political and economic development can take place. The exchange of opinions and experiences on implementing changes, such drastic ones, which we have been carrying out in our countries over recent years, is necessary and crucial for all of us together. 

Alessandro Profumo
CEO of UniCredit Group

From the viewpoint of business, we should above all be working on a more homogenous concept of Europe as a whole. For Europe, it is important to concentrate on integration, not on homologation. For Europe, from an economic point of view, the important thing is to create a single group consisting of different elements and the ability to manage units that differ from one another.

Dalia Grybauskaite
EU Budget Commissioner
Globalization does not let us wait. If a country or a company does not want to compete with others, it is out of the game soon. And competition imposes development. Perhaps 12, 15 years ago many citizens of our region did not even realize how a computer looks like, and today they are used even by our grandsons.

Ewa £abno-Falêcka

Director, Daimler Chrysler Poland
Presentation at the Forum is a proven form of promoting Mercedes, which is a high-profile brand in Poland. The meeting in Krynica is a chance to show our products both to the participants and to the wider public. I think that it will certainly influence our sales figures.



Shawn McCormic
Vice-president for International Affairs, TNK- BP, Russia
The Economic Forum in Krynica for big companies presents a chance for lobbying, but also small companies can have here an ideal setting to demonstrate their skill in this regard. The Forum is also a place of discussion on the problems of legal regulations.
Tadeusz Browarek
President of the Board, Lumena Sp. z o.o., Poland

The Forum in Krynica is, perhaps, the most important regional event bringing together politicians and entrepreneurs. It is precisely at the Forum that a majority of future economic relations with a supranational character are initiated in the Region. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of being present at the Forum, but it is easy to become convinced that absence is costly.