13th Economic Forum of Young Leaders

Great successes sometimes start in unexpected ways. Sometimes all that is needed means a small step to create something really astonishing. Economic Forum of Young Leaders is indeed such a place – here young people from all Europe strengthen their contacts and create new ideas for the common good. Moreover, experienced leaders and charismatic speakers inspire younger generation to work. Meet prominent politicians, scientists and businessmen in order to reflect together on challenges that are waiting on modern Europe. You must not miss the opportunity!

Over 400 leaders form 35 countries in Europe at the age of 18-30 meet in Nowy Sącz to discuss with the group of renowned politicians, specialists, participants of modern business life.

During Economic Forum of Young Leaders which is also called “Davos of the Youth” and “Young Krynica” future elites gain and share the knowledge. Take part in debates, lectures and professional workshops. Join to people who create ideas that change perspectives of younger generation. Let yourself be a person who has influence on decisions connected with the future of Europe. Become more motivated and creative leader and reach your goals faster!

This year’s programme was based on the thesis “Young Leader 4.0” that includes such aspects as:

  • Europe 4.0 – the vision of Europe seen by the youth: the common issue or the issue of a single entity
  • Europe 4.0 – the creativity of the youth
  • labour market 4.0
  • Economy of innovations – the impact on the development of countries and entities
  • New technologies in information technology, communication and culture
  • Meetings and workshops with business practices

Time and place

  • 3-7 September 2018 – Nowy Sącz (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National-Louis University, ul. Zielona 27)/ Krynica Zdrój

The organizer

  • European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation
  • Institute for Eastern Studies
  • Foundation for the Development of the Education System – the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme


  • Małopolska – Main Partner of Economic Forum of Young Leaders
  • Nowy Sącz – Host City

Thanks to this event everyone could find something for their liking

Regardless of whether you are a young scientist, politician or businessman, thanks to participation in the Forum your career can gather speed, you can reach your goals faster, you can establish interesting contacts with representatives of many countries and organisations. Thanks to Forum your life can change completely.

Economic Forum of Young Leaders is:

  • the opportunity of gaining new contacts with young leaders form Poland and abroad;
  • the new knowledge that is useful in in social and working life;
  • the inspiration for action and a lot of creative ideas;
  • new projects and motivation to realise them;
  • the opportunity of participation in one of the most important European economic events;
  • impressive list of special guests and speakers;
  • the new format – morning coffee with exercises and lessons over sciences, media, politics and business – top formers in their fields reveal the secret of their success;
  • memorable experiences and acquaintances – frequently for a long time.

Give yourself a Chance to become a young leader!

More information on the website: www.forum-leaders.eu